Local Focus

I will not use the trusteeship for political advancement. While some are willing to court unnecessary controversy and neglect their duties as trustees in pursuit of higher office, I will never forget that my first duty is to the people of West Chester.

I am running for township trustee. That may seem obvious, but it isn’t to some candidates seeking your vote. Some career politicians and political activists run for trustee as a stepping-stone toward higher office. They use the trusteeship to get political connections, draw attention, and raise money for future campaigns. We’ve seen this over the past year, as an incumbent trustee has abstained from important votes, made uninformed decisions whenever they do vote, attracted media attention for denying reasonable staffing requests for the sake of political capital, and devoted more attention to political campaigning than to the job they were elected to do.

As trustee, that is all I will be. I will make decisions that I feel are in the best interest of the township, not in the best interest of myself and my political career. I will devote all the time necessary to properly research every vote. I will never disrespect my constituents enough to fail to even make a decision. And I will serve out all four years of my term. That is what West Chester residents deserve.

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