Police and Fire Departments

As a graduate of the West Chester Citizens Police Academy, I have put in the time to learn exactly what our police and other emergency services do for our community. They are vital parts of our community who deserve a supportive township government.

I’ve always felt that the police department is one of the most important facets of our local government. To learn more about it, I attended the Citizens Police Academy as part of Class 17 in 2017, which entailed hours of ride-along’s and discussions with police officers about what they do for our community. After the Academy graduation, I continued to work closely with the police department and spread the word about what it does as a member of the Board of Directors for the West Chester Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (WCCPAAA). These personal connections and this inside knowledge will help me to support the police department the best way I can as trustee.

I will support the fire department just as much, ensuring they have the proper equipment, staff, facilities and training they need to keep our township’s residents and businesses safe.

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