Lakota Schools

As a father of two Lakota alumni, I know how important our school district is to our community. I will work to build on the partnership and dialogue between West Chester and Lakota.

My two sons graduated from Lakota in 2016 and 2019. I couldn’t be prouder of them, but I also know how lucky they were to be brought up in such a great school district as our own. The teachers, facilities, extracurriculars, and services were top-notch and are fundamental to our strength as a community. We are deeply dependent on Lakota to attract new residents and produce a well-equipped workforce, just as Lakota is dependent on West Chester for our sizable tax base. As Joe Hinson, CEO of The West Chester-Liberty Chamber Alliance, says, “As Lakota goes, so do West Chester and Liberty townships.”

That’s why I’m disappointed when I see that our current Board of Trustees has minimal dialogue with the school district. I go to nearly every meeting of the Board of Education, and have almost never seen a West Chester trustee in attendance. The district and township have a lot they can learn from each other, and, when working together, we can accomplish even more.

I will strive to convene regular meetings between the trustees of both townships and the school board and maintain regular dialogue with district leaders in order to ensure that these institutions are making decisions that are always in the best long-term interests of our students, residents, and businesses.

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